SHERA PLANK Straight edged

Standard for interior and exterior uses

Uncolored / TeakUncolored / TeakMerbeau Brown / TeakMerbeau Brown / TeakLight Blue / TeakLight Blue / TeakWalnut / TeakWalnut / TeakGoldensand Teak / TeakGoldensand Teak / TeakGolden Teak Brown / TeakGolden Teak Brown / TeakHoney Teak Brown / TeakHoney Teak Brown / TeakLight Yellow / TeakLight Yellow / TeakRed Mahogany / TeakRed Mahogany / TeakCherry Red / TeakCherry Red / TeakRed Wood / TeakRed Wood / Teak
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Shera Plank is an ideal fiber cement siding. It’s a unique composite of natural fibers bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. This autoclaved wood-grain fiber cement siding is a tough, yet flexible and dimensionally stable building material.