DAIKEN – T bar System comes in a diverse lineup of surface patterns, including the timeless Travertine Delica, New NDF and New Constellation. Perfect for creating a refined atmostphere in hotel lobbies, fashionable shops and entrance halls of buildings.

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1. Product Information

Size (T x W x L) Pattern System Edge Package YC Code
12mmx600mmx600mm Travertine Delica Gypsum Square 12pcs/ctn PSAAD016
15mmx593mmx593mm New NDF Metric Reveal 12pcs/ctn PSAAD004
15mmx600mmx600mm Travertine Delica Gypsum Reveal 12pcs/ctn PSAAD014
12mmx600mmx1200mm Travertine Delica Gypsum Square 10pcs/ctn PSAAD006
12mmx600mmx1200mm New NDF Gypsum Square 10pcs/ctn PSAAD007
15mmx600mmx1200mm Travertine Delica Gypsum Square 10pcs/ctn PSAAD008

2. System explanation

System Explanation
Gypsum System Metal stud length:
3.63m (Main), 0.605m (Cross) and 1.21m (Cross)
  DAIKEN board size:  60cmx60cm or 60cmx120cm  
Metric System Metal stud length:
3.6m (Main), 0.6m (Cross) and 1.2m (Cross)
  DAIKEN board size:  59.3cmx59.3cm or 59.3cmx119.3cm
Noted: If system is unmatched between metal stud and DAIKEN board, DAIKEN board may be 
too loose (falling down from metal stud) or DAIKEN cannot put inside (board is larger than metal stud)


3. Physical Data Summary for 12mm and 15mm thickness

Physical Properties Test Method
Moisture Content (%) 2.00% JIS A 6301
Modulus of Rupture(kgf/cm2) 17kgf/cm2 JIS A 6301
Non Combustibility As approved by the Japanese Minister of Construction under the approval No. 2026/BS476 Part 4 from Japan
Fire Propagation Test Class 0 BS476 Part 6
Flame Spread Class 1 (0-25) ASTM-E84
Class A U.S. Federal Specification SS-S-118B
20 Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Class 1 BS476 Part 7
Thermal Conductivity 0.045 kcal/mh °C  JIS A 1412


4. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

NRC is the average sound absorption while the sound strike the panel on one side and

transmitted from the other side.    NRC is a single number ranging between 0 – 1.0

measured at frequency 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4000Hz  under ASTM C 423


 Frequency (Hz) Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
9mm 12mm 15mm
125 0.29 0.33 0.36
250 0.26 0.26 0.28
500 0.38 0.50 0.52
1000 0.62 0.63 0.64
2000 0.78 0.80 0.80
4000 0.95 0.95 0.97
Average NRC 0.48-0.53 0.53-0.57 0.55-0.60


5. Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC)

CAC is the ability of a ceiling tile to prevent the transmission of sound between rooms with a

common ceiling space.    Therefore, it rates a ceiling’s efficiency as a barrier to airborne sound

transmission between adjacent closed offices under ASTM E 413 standard.

Frequency (Hz) dB (Decibel)
9mm 12mm 15mm
125 17 18 20
250 20 28 29
500 23 34 36
1000 28 37 39
2000 32 38 40
4000 30 38 40


6. Installation Guide

Place square edge or reveal edge DAIKEN board on T-bar ceiling metal stud.     Make sure the system

of DAIKEN board and metal stud must be the same.    For example, Gypsum system of DAIKEN board

must be used with gypsum system of metal stud.

* See detailed explanation on Topic 2. System Explanation above.


7. Why have to use DAIKEN acoustical ceiling tile?

– ASBESTOS FREE: DAIKEN is asbestos free products.  Use of Asbestos, can cause

cancer and an adverse effects on the human body and the environmental.

– OUTSTANDING FIRE RESISTANCE: DAIKEN is not only non-combustibility, but also

less likely to emit toxic gas or smoke, or to melt, break, or become deformed under

normal fire conditions, protecting ceiling areas from fire.

– DAIKEN has modern and timeless pattern such as Travertine Delica, New NDF

and New Constellation


8. Guarantee

DAIKEN guarantees sagging for 10 years after installation under below conditions:

8.1 DAIKEN must be installed after cement and gypsum work has been dried and finished.

8.2 DAIKEN must be installed after work has been done such as door, window and

electronic wire installation.

8.3 DAIKEN installation shall be done under the conditions of relative humidity not more

than 80%

8.4 DAIKEN shall be installed at good ventilation area.